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Well Obama takes in a lot of blame that he doesn't have any control over. Obama cannot control the economy!!! Also many of the bad things that happen in the federal government come from this branch of government known as the legislative branch. Mitt Romney would be a bad choice for our country because he is so out of touch with the majority of the population and cannot run a successful ship that makes for happy passengers. He would be a high disgrace for the United States and we should keep him out of office.

1 point

Well this is a good question but it is only a common misconception that all mass shootings happen in the United States. In reality though, most mass shootings happen in third-world countries. We do not hear of these shootings because our national media tends to hide most of the events that happen around the world unless you look closely into their websites. Many American's are hesitant to look into world news and stick with national news. So you are not incorrect with saying most happen in the United States when it is hard to know of many of these happening in other parts of the world.

2 points

His point was not at all saying that they didn't build the companies on their own. That was taken out of context from his speech. In the actual speech he explained that the government is a crucial part of making any business work. The government builds roads and bridges that private companies would not want to build for FREE use. The government gives tax breaks to starting small businesses. So what he was meaning is that it would be impossible for a person to start a business without the help of others and that everyone has to work together to form something successful and not just one person could do it all on their own.

Winning Position: Yes, it is bad for our economy

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