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RSS 1life2live

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2 points

well, it is a bad decision to have abortion. even if you had an emotional past or some effect that leads to having abortion, honestly the baby did not do anything to you. what happened to you should not have killed the baby. you call yourself human. taking a life is nothing to go on living or smiling about, and then how could you even begin to wake up everyday knowing you took your own baby's life.. it is cruel and such an evil thing to do.. and i am pretty sure its not our body but in soul were all connected and we never said it was ours to begin with.. your babies are human and deserved to be loved also.. how will they ever know if you end their lives.

1 point

yes i think it is wrong. In all actuality your saying we are all poor because nobody is really rich because somebody is always going to have more money than somebody else. It is a proven fact. This is a crazy idea and i don't think this is any kind of argument. Considering people went through more stuff than anyone can imagine, and i am positively sure you can't even imagine. everybody deserves to live whether your poor rich or somewhat...

1 point

well honestly i don't think no man has the right to take another mans life.. It is written to be a sin and a deadly one too. Its not that man should purposely intend to take another man life for what they did to you can't be as worse as what your about to do to them. so yes it should be illegal because two wrongs really don't make it right and it's not going to make up for your loss or your pain... nothing ever really does.. With all do respect..

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