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You have made a decent argument about how it's a good idea in not having a government, but there are a few flaws. I would have to disagree with the benefit of not having taxes, because taxes is the only source of money that finances our country. Without taxes there would not be any money for education military, healthcare, and so on. I would also have to disagree with the benefit of not having currency. Without currency our country wouldn't be able to trade or interact with other countries. This would definitely disrupt the process of supply and demand, putting a HUGE dent in the economy.

1 point

I believe that having a government is extremely necessary in having a successful country. A government provides structure and security, and without it, the country would be in complete,utter chaos. The first reason why government is needed is because it funds the country. People always complain about how they have to remove money out of their own paychecks to contribute to taxes. Taxes can be a pain, but without it and other donations towards the government, the country wouldn't be able to pay for immensely important causes, for instance, education, military, unemployment, etc. The second reason why a government is necessary is because it could possibly turn into to a dictatorship. Without out a government to share/ spread the power, one or a small group of people would eventually take power and gain complete control. Instead of the people being able to make decisions, involving the government, the people would have no say at all. The final example of why a government is needed is because, without it it makes the country more vulnerable towards foreigners. Without a stable form of security, other countries would easily be able to take advantage of foreign affairs, and or worst have the opportunity to take full control of that country. Having a government is extremely necessary, there is no room for instability.

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