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I disagree. Personally I think taxes are necessary. Although they can be annoying they are promoting general welfare and helping everyone i.e. public schools which allow education for all children. Also If there was an argument about a way of going about things we couldn’t unite. There is no possible way for everyone to always agree. There is no way of settling this dispute long term. There would be little order as well.

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I believe government is necessary. The government keeps order within a society, protects the people, and should defend their rights. Without the government there would be chaos. Government creates order. Laws are in place for the general welfare of the people. Having no set of guidelines would endanger the safety of everyone. Countries need rules similarly to a child. The government also runs the country. It is in charge of making important decisions. For example, going to war or not. The government also protects or territory. Our homes may be taken in a government-less society. Situations like this would cause fights. The government takes care of legal matters. Saving us many arguments that might end badly. Government establishes justice.

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