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Good argument but I would have to disagree with some of it. You mentioned that we wouldn't have to pay the government at all which can be a good thing but at the same time paying those taxes is a plus. When you pay taxes to the government they use that money to help improve things that need to be fixed or even just built for the people. You also mentioned that having no government could unite people but at the same time people may not want to partake in what is supposed to "unite people". If people don't want to be apart of something on a more personal level then how is stuff going to get done? Therefore, government is the better way to go.

1 point

I believe that having a government is necessary for many different reasons. One reason is that the government is one that can declare war. If we do not have a government than wars could easily break out when that doesn't need to happen. Another reason is that the government creates laws and orders for a reason. If we don't have laws some people will follow them but others won't care and break them which will cause chaos. For example: everyone is supposed to stop at stop lights, but if someone thinks that they can break that law because there is no government enforcing it, they might not stop at the light and keep going through and cause a crash to happen. On a different note, paying taxes is something that everyone hates to do but they benefit us in a more positive way! When we pay taxes that money goes into things that the people need. For example that money can be used to improve roads, provide welfare, support the military, etc. In the end, it is clear that having a government would end up being way more beneficial than not having a government at all.

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