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I disagree. I think that although it is critical that people learn to care for themselves, there are some things that the common citizen can not do for ones self. Such as surgeries and provide other critical medical attention. Also, leaving schooling up to the kids themselves allows for an extreme amount of laziness and the fact that it is very likely that as a country would become much less educated, government provided schooling allows for students to be exposed to all their options before making a final decision on what they want to pursue in life and what skills they will need for that path. This is why I think that without a government would be a mess compared to having the regulations and help provided by a government.

1 point

I believe that without a government our nation would not be able to function properly. Starting off with the fact that millions of people would be out of jobs. These jobs are ones such as medical professionals like EMTs. Without government there would be no response teams during emergencies. Along with that there would be many more accidents and incidents due to the idea of no laws in our society to "scare" people out of doing things. All because of the fact that there would be no enforced punishments. Also, jails currently holding violent criminals would be closed leaving these people to roam free and possibly free to preform more violent behaviors. Finally, our government offers us protect from other countries. If need be we have an extremely powerful and well organize military. If the government was taken away that military and organization is likely to follow leaving us as a country very valuable for attack.

Whether people realize it or not each one of us depends so heavily on the government and without it there would be total chaos.

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