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Life in 2019 without a government would be an awful idea, especially when it comes to the monetary system. What would I trade for an iPhone cause a monetary system would start up because as a 15 or 16 year old you don't have much to trade. Also if your house is on fire, how would you put it out or would you just let it burn to the ground completely? In addition to this Darwinism would increase not decrease because it is natural human nature to belong to a group and chances are that you would join into a group fighting for power based on your character. If we had no government pure anarchy and chaos would ensue and the basic socialism elements would cause incredible poverty and disorder in time of need.

1 point

In 2019 it is very much so that our nation has a government and would be complete anarchy without one. One example of why government is necessary is for regulations on almost everything we do, such as driving on the public roads and eating food that is not safe to eat. In addition to regulations our government also gives out services for all of its tax payers. Think about education, everyone in our nation can attend a public school for grades k-12 at almost no cost besides paying taxes. Also we have Emergency services or EMS for when we need help when in danger. Violence and gangs would run the streets but thankfully in a nation with a government we have the police to make sure these things don't happen all the time. In addition to having police to catch the criminals they need the government to create a judicial system to give justice to those involved with crimes and to keep the bad guys away which would happen if we didn't have a government. Governments also have to deal with foreign countries that want to trade with us or become our Allie. However at times foreign nations could attack us and a strong national government would be needed to protect us from them by organizing a military. In the end our life would be awful without a government to ensure our well being through roads and schools along with many other things.

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