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I understand your point about everything being more local, but when looking at it on the larger scale of things, is that the #1 most important issue facing our country? Yes, widespread chains do sometimes drive the smaller, local business out of company, but is that really as important as having safety regulations? No companies would be able to run if nobody was alive due to being murdered or shot. Also, fighting between the political parties is a big topic in the USA, however would getting rid of the government help that ? I don't think it would because people would still have their own opinions on issues. The only thing getting rid of the system would do is take away people's right to vote on certain problems, which would make our country chaotic and unorganized.

1 point

Living under a government system appeals to me because without it there would be mass chaos and safety issues. The government provides us with organization and structure, so without it our nation would be lost. One of the biggest problems that I would have with the absence of a government is not feeling safe. There would be no regulations or laws concerning use or purchase of guns, homicide, or health safety. People would run rampant and no jails or prisons would be able to run or provide rehab for people. Food and hygiene would also be an issue, because regulations that protect the commonwealth would not be enforced. Having a government also allows people to have freedoms, but it creates boundaries that keep us in line. With the lack of a system, what is considered okay would have no limitations and living on a day to day basis would be scary. Another important topic to bring up is that no higher power would be established, meaning that if any person wanted to, they could self- appoint themselves as a dictator, and our country could go from not having any government, to having a horrible system with an abusive leader. So, I think that having a government is crucial to our survival, and I wouldn't want to live in a nation without one.

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