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I agree with your statements. Public services would need to be reinstalled into a life without government and even though we could self-manage, no one would willingly do free service. Order would be hectic, as you stated, because of the lack of authority. In addition to order, our security because of the mentioned regulation-less country. Overall, I support your claims as a government is essential to reinforce peace and order.

1 point

Personally, I believe that having a government in the United States of America is essential. This is because we would need some sort of system to keep order and security of the people. If the government was non-existent, violence would rise with the non-existent reinforcements. With no regulations, corruption would overrule the common good. And as the government provides several public services, we would have to re-adapt to not depending on those services. For example, roads would become rougher and with no traffic lights, vehicle crashes and fatalities would tremendously increase. Alongside vehicle fatalities, anyone could also get away with murder. Getting away with murder would leave the security of the people harmed. Currently, the government gives security to the people through the laws we abide and handling foreign affairs of other countries. Without this protection, other countries or dictators could rise and take over our cherished land of the free. Another fault of no government would be the lack of money being made or processed. America runs on money as it drives most of our lives forward. Education would also no longer be available as there would be no rights claiming to it. Lack of education sought by the younger generation could lead to levels of intellectualism. Corruption would also surface in a more severe way as minorities would suffer with having little say or power. Because the government "somewhat" protects everyone equally (although debatable). To conclude, having a government is essential to our current century and time. Even though it might change in the future, the government keeps our country smoothly running in an orderly manner.

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