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I totally a agree with everything that you are saying in this argument. Not only does the government have laws and rules to keep us safe, but they also have regulations, like you said, safety inspections. I also agree with what you said when you talked about not paying taxes. Yes it would be nice to no owe the government money, but when you think about the taxes you pa only go back to helping you in the end. I like the way you talked about caring for the roads and how that is also part of the governments job, and part of their job in keeping us safe.

1 point

I would rather live in a world that is being organized by a government. If we did not have a government too many things would be out of place. There would be no laws, which most people think sounds fun but in reality, if you have no laws then anyone can doing anything they want without having the least amount of punishment. To go along with having no laws, we also would have no justice system meaning that being innocent until proving guilty would probably go out the window. If we have no justice system then criminals could be able to walk the street, and people who have done nothing wrong could be falsely accused of something they didn't do.

No government also meaning no local government which would mean no police force, or any departments that are at city hall, like sanitation, and public works which are in place to protect citizens of a town. If we had no government we would have no taxes which would mean that none of these departments would be funded anymore. this meaning that we would't have clean water, safe roads, trash trucks, or even 911. So if you had a fire or were in a car accident, then you wouldn't have the fire and rescue to safe you. If we had no government then we would be living in a considerably more dangerous world and we need the government to make sure that everything is running safely and smoothly.

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