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I agree with your statement in that there would be no organization in society without a government. Society would be chaos without amenities you mentioned like water and health regulations- without these regulations provided, citizens wouldn't know what was safe. I also liked your point about taxes because although they can seem tedious and unnecessary, they fund many organizations and services that ultimately help the greater good and society as a whole. Also, without a government (as mentioned) there would be no laws. Without laws in place, citizens would be able to commit what would be considered crimes in countries with governments and get away with it, which would eventually lead to a corrupt society.

1 point

Although some will argue there are many flaws within, a government is beneficial for citizens individually and as members of society in many ways. In simplest terms, a government is necessary because in maintains order and balance within a society. Specifically, government provides amenities that might otherwise not be available: public education, emergency services, energy and water systems, etc. Although one could counter that private companies could and do provide these resources, a government is special in that these services are provided without the end goal of profit, thus becoming more accessible. Furthermore, a government is tasked with making laws to better the country. By upholding these laws, safety and security of citizens and the country as a whole is increased. Without a government to create laws, citizens and society would be corrupt as there would be no order or balance. Finally, a government that elects officials (for example, America) allows citizens to be involved in their government. However, with a government it also allows for control in a higher form than citizens soley ruling themselves. Without a government, there would be no order or balance in society, and ultimately society and citizens would become corrupt.

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