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You have a well-thought out argument, however I simply do not agree with your opinion for many reasons. The two main reasons focus on taxes and the people's freedom. First, I would like to address the fact that you think that getting rid of the government would be good because taxes would go away and trading would come back. I am puzzled to the fact that you think this would be beneficial because we have evolved from trading for a purpose, which is so taxes are enforced. This is advantageous because the money benefits society be covering the costs to maintain public facilities in the most fair way possible. I also do not agree with your second statement, because allowing people to have or do whatever they want can and will lead to complete chaos and destruction.

1 point

I believe that in today's society, a government is necessary for each and every one of our own well-being. There are many reasons for my argument including to continue to keep the United States organized and safe. Organization is an extreme benefit to our country, and without the government it would be almost impossible to stay orderly. One way the government helps to keep our lives methodical is by monitoring and maintaining the food and water's sterilization for the good of all citizens' health. The government also provides society with trustworthy employees because of the education and record/ background-checks requirements. This is imperative due to occupations like doctors, so people know that they are able to trust what the proper health precautions to take etc. Secondly, the government keeps our country safe in many different and crucial ways. One way is by making sure that people follow the law to prevent crimes. The government ensures this by punishing those who choose to commit crimes which helps to intimidate those who try to follow that path. Secondly the government provides the option for citizens to join the military which protects the country from all external harm. In conclusion, I maintain the opinion that the government is critical for our lives in today's world.

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