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I would disagree with your viewpoint. Firstly, you're oversimplifying things by saying that no politics equals to no fights/riots. Even without the politicians and corruption, what to stop one person with extreme amounts of money/resources to rise up and take power? There would be no government workers to fund or organize the police, fire department, or any other necessitities. On your second point, the issue of cutting off currency, that in the end would do more damage than good. It would completely cut off the country from the world in economic terms, how would we trade or negotiate with countries in economic policies? There are just too many holes in the situation of living in a no government oriented land.

1 point

i would most definitely prefer to live in a society with a stable government then one without one. At the core of a country, is its government. A strong government often leads to a strong country. It does the simplest things of keeping water running and roads paved, and the most difficult of things such as making laws and negotiating foreign affairs. Who handles these few tasks and the plently more I haven't listed if the government was non-existant? Furthermore, the government's job also includes the important task of keeping the country and its people stable. They do this by funding and organizing police, firefighters, EMS crews, etc. Once again, a fundamental part of modern life would be gone without the help of the government. In conclusion, government is a crucial part of our lives these days. To live in a society without it would be ignorant and damaging to modern society. There are just too many factors that wouldn't be abled to be met for a first world country to run successfully without a government.

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