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While you put up a good argument, I still believe that having a government is necessary. For example, you mentioned that it would be good to not have to pay taxes, but this is not entirely true. It would be problematic to not have taxes because that money goes toward things like cleaning the water supply. Without these taxes, many people would die because of drinking water that is harmful to them. Taxes also go towards things like firefighters and other organizations that keep the people safe. So getting rid of taxes would essentially make the world a lot less safe. That is why despite your strong argument, life without a government would still be heavily flawed.

1 point

Having a government is necessary for several reasons. One reason is that having a government helps to divide power up among the people in the country. For example, in the United States the power is divided among the 3 branches which helps so that no one can abuse power. Another reason is that having a government helps to keep countries safe. If there was no government, then there would be no safety regulations on products which would lead to many people getting injured. Also it would be unsafe without the government because no one would collect taxes so that they can keep the water supply clean and able to be drank. An additional reason why having a government is necessary is because it helps to keep the country organized. Without a government, people would just do whatever they want and there would not be any structure in the country. A Final reason is that the government gives people rights. If we didn't have a government that makes laws for the people, African Americans could still be living in slavery. Instead since there is a government, dark skinned people have just as many rights as whites. Those are reasons as to why it is deemed necessary to have a government.

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