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I disagree with almost the entirety of your statement. No taxes seems good in theory but taxes are what pay to maintain roads, education and many things that keep the country working. No currency would stop most corruption but no currency would make transactions very hard. Bartering isn't efficient, if we use your example, if you are the person who built the house and you want a new shirt but you get food instead you would have to trade for a shirt. You could find someone who will trade you a shirt but what if they want cloth and not food so you have to trade food for cloth and then cloth for a shirt. This could be significantly longer and be many more steps. But if currency was used the farmer could pay you $20 for the (just go with it for the sake of argument) then you could pay the person with the shirt for the shirt and be done. With no nation-wide businesses it would be hard to get goods from other parts of the country or world because it would be expensive. Also with no nation-wide businesses there would be no jobs from those countries leaving people having to find different jobs and local businesses would likely be run by families the jobless people would still have to find new jobs. All in all, I disagree with most of your statement, and bartering is inefficient.

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I believe that it is essential to have a government because it allows control and safety. Without control such as law enforcement or government people would have little reason to obey laws so violence would be ever present. Other lesser crimes like speeding and running lights would likely be disobeyed frequently causing a greater amount of car accidents (This includes motorcycles, buses, etc.) thus causing more deaths. Deaths and accidents could also be caused by little maintenance of the roads and traffic lights. Some people would likely take law into their own hands and kill no fair trial. Going along with this, simple arguments could easily escalate to violence and death. Laws also include safety regulations on anything from cars to food to houses which could have terrible effects. Assuming there was no government in the first place there would be no current or prior regulations on anything. This means water could be contaminated, food could become hazardous from overuse of pesticides, and structures and cars would fall apart from poor materials or rushed construction. Another factor is vaccines would not be necessary and disease could then spread much more easily. And there would be no public education so doctors would be rarer which would further escalate the problem. Along with doctors most careers that require any college education would be in short supply. No government would also mean no public fire departments so fire departments would be rarer and be largely private companies which would charge people to put out fires. Having no government would also mean areas hit by natural disasters would receive little aid and no mandatory evacuations which would cause more casualties. All in all, I believe that it is essential to have a government because it allows safety and control.

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