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I disagree with you for a few reasons. Yes, not having any politics may reduce some conflict within society. However, without politics we wouldn't be able to effectively elect any leaders for our country which would leave our country in complete chaos due to its lack of authority; ultimately leading to even more altercations. I also disagree with your statement about currency. This is because without currency, corruption would occur even sooner due to people taking as many goods as they please without anyone working to produce more because they're not being paid to do so. Your vision of relying on each other's skills to survive is not a bad idea. However, this resembles a Feudal structure from the Medieval Period and statistically, these structures were unsuccessful in the long run as a result of specific groups not holding up their end of bargain.

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I would prefer to live in a society with a government for many reasons. Starting with the fact that our government causes our society to run more smoothly with the number of policies that it creates. Another reason that our government is beneficial is because it has branches such as the judicial to settle disputes between citizens. The base of our government is our constitution and without it, our society would not have the structure to keep everyone in line and doing what they're supposed to be at all times. A government, in our case a democracy, also offers a portion of power to its people through allowing us citizens to vote. Without it, not many people would have a say in the decisions that get made for our country. This could leave unreliable people in charge of our countries decisions potentially hurting our country. Another reason to be appreciative of a government is for the sake of health. The government watches over the institutions that offer assistance to our health such as hospitals, doctor's offices, or any others. They also regulate the things that we put into our bodily systems to confirm that everything we eat is safe. All in all, a government provides structure, order, and overall safety to its people who would otherwise be doomed without it.

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