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I disagree with your opinion on this matter because what would the people do who can't take care of themselves or need certain medical help from different services? How would those type of people survive? Home schooling is also not a plus since many parents or guardians would not be fit to teach children the same type of material they would learn in school from professionals. Many adults would not know what would be useful and what wouldn't. Also, the chance that people would come together to create more safety is very slim, since in the type of world we live in today, they're many violent people and groups.Lastly, the fact that "the world would be a better place for people who could take care of themselves because they would not have to obey the no longer in place laws" makes no sense since many laws are in place to help certain people and without them it would be complete chaos.

1 point

I think that the government is an absolute necessity to our society and that without it we simply could not function. Without the government, we would have no access to any of the many services it provides us with, such as trash collectors, public education teachers, and any type of government held role. The government and it's many different laws and regulations has kept our country in balance for a long time. Many people might say that having no government would be nice because of no taxes and other positives, but the need for different public services provided for us outweighs that. If we had no public education, no children would be able to get a education for future jobs, and the only jobs available would be the private company jobs. We also would have very little safety guidelines, such as no rules or regulations with driving cars. Another thing we wouldn't have is any way of checking any of our food for diseases, and no way to safely know if it is okay to drink certain unfiltered water. Even simple and small things such as traffic lights would not be able to work without the government. Regarding bigger issues, we would be in absolute chaos when trying to run our country without some type of leader or government representatives. Lastly, we wouldn't even have the services to see any type of weather, or to beware of severe natural disasters. Overall, the government is absolutely necessary for our country or any country for that matter to properly run a society.

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