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I agree with your augment definitely. The government definitely does provide citizens with basic protection. i also agree that if the government didn't exist the regulation of food and water would be nonexistent and that would be a negative obviously. another point in which i agree with the point that if people had life threatening sicknesses there wouldn't even be any way to figure out what it was, and if there was an outbreak of some sort of illness then there would be no way of warning the people of that illness. i definitely agree that without a government a country wouldn't have and advantages .

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I would prefer to live under a government rather then living without a government. one reason for this would be that the government provides us with basic services which help us on a daily biases. these services include the national weather service and the environmental protection agency. this agency, and many others help us live our daily lives and without them are lives would be completely different. we would have no power, no clean water, and are roads would be covered in potholes and made of dirt. another reason for living under government is that if we had no government, someone would most likely rise up from the masses and would probley form something that resembles a government. an example of this would be the soviet union. another reason for government is that it provides structure for our society. if someone breaks into my house and steals stuff from me, then i know that they will be punished for there actions by the government. for those reasons i believe that the government should exist and is necessary for life.

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