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I disagree because there are also issues that will arise without politics even if there is no government causing people to fight/riot. Also, we pay taxes so that in return we receive services like clean water and gas to stay healthy. In big cities like New York, where many citizens rely on public transportation now have no way to get to work. No currency will also cause a conflict because trading will become much more complicated due to there being no real system. In conclusion, I disagree with your claim of it being a better society without a government for these reasons.

1 point

In my opinion government is necessary. I think the best type of government that is needed is a democracy because one group with power divided amongst other groups. The purpose of a government is to keep civilized control over a society or group of people and if this isn't present then who will there be to keep the control of the people? A government will create laws for these people to abide by to keep peace with exceptional punishment for breaking them. At the same time, people can feel that they have some power in this by giving them a choice in who should be running the state or country that they live in. If we consider there being no government, this would cause many more frequent arguments and disputes among society. This would lead to tensions rising and possibly shootings and an increase number in deaths. Also, in a world with no government, there would be no public services such as first responders, water supply, gas supply, etc. In a result of having a government, these things would not happen because people will pay taxes and the world will be much safer. In conclusion, government is necessary because it will keep society safe and under control.

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