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I appreciate you giving reasons reasons of why government is not needed, but I do not agree with your statement. First off, we need emergency services. If people are left to care for themselves, its very unlikely that they know what to do, and may make the situation much worse for themselves. Second, if people are able to do what they want to do, they can do actions like murder people. For example, if someone wrongs somebody else by accident, rage can build up in the person who was wronged, and the person who was wronged has the ability to kill the one who wronged him/her. The person who did the wrong doing most likely does not want to die, and it would not be fair that wrong doer can die for doing a wrong accidentally. Finally, if schooling becomes optional, most kids/teens would not attend school if it is optional in todays standards. The uneducated teens/adults would not know what to do, and would have to rely on their parents for their lives. Plus, people don't live forever, and if the uneducated kids/teens aren't educated and are parentless, they are going to be left to struggle, and will most likely fail in life. Overall, I respect your opinion of why there shouldn't be a government, but if you were to think about all of the possibilities of it being removed (including the negative ones), society would collapse, and everyone will be left helpless and insecure.

1 point

My position is yes, we need to have a government. I believe that we need to live under a government for multiple reasons, some of which benefit us who live under a government. First off, a government provides law and order to those who live under it. Many people do complain that some of the laws and orders are stupid, but they are there to help protect us and keep us from causing chaos. Without any laws or order, people would be able to commit any sort of crimes that are illegal under government laws and has the possibility of putting other innocent lives in danger. Our whole world would end up similar to The Purge since all crime would be legal without any laws or order restraining villainous behaviors. Second, the government is what gives us emergency services (which are paid in taxes). People think the government steals money from people in the form of taxes, but taxes are what make our lives better. Who wants to become endangered in a situation and be helpless? If you do endangered, without emergency services, you won’t be able to help yourself, since you don’t know how to recover. Third, the Government provides us with education, and makes us smarter. When people are uneducated, they are going to struggle in life and have no understanding in nature, as well as make many mistakes, and some could become serious. Finally, the government filters our water and keeps it clean from bacteria or disease. Without it, our water would be filled with bacteria and disease, and if we drink it, all of us would become severely ill and most likely die. Overall, I believe we need to live under a government, because it provides security, emergency services, education, and clean, usable water. Without government, none of these examples would exist, and the human race would be left to figure situations out on its own with no help, and it will most likely struggle to do so.

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