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Yes government is necessary because it is what keeps us all together as one common culture, our country was made up completely by immigrants which we all descend from but that doesn't stop us from together as one single race. We all live under the same roof we all have different personal views which include politics and religion, that have probably been taught upon us by our parents which is passed down by generations. But that does not give the right to somebody to judge someone else or hurt them just because their beliefs are different that is why we have a government it influences our minds because we know that if we do something bad in our society country there will be consequences. This really is a motivating factor of why its so beneficial to have a strong and powerful government because now people are less attracted to do crime, but take for instance you don't have a strong government your people will easily get away with crimes which would be disappointing because people will be people without order no matter what type of people live in that society it is human nature to be ambitious some may exceed the limits and control others for his/her on benefit. This is why we have a government to avoid tyrannies because we as a democracy have the right to vote for representatives so our petitions are heard. We may take this for granted today in our society because we are just used to the thought of being represented by others in our society we cannot do anything illegal or incorrect which if someone does that to us we can sue that person and not resort to our own measures. Without these laws we would be animals free to do what we want but we have created norms in society which I believe will not go away we have advanced so much in society from where we began to where we are now we have advanced a lot! Yes in many ways this country is not perfect but we cannot just give up on it because if we work together and follow the rules we will live the typical life of this country and yes enjoy it with others.

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