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RSS 2022100

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I agree with your arguments about the union upon survival and the big companies no longer forcing out smaller ones. However, I believe you failed to tackle one of the bigger arguments in that how vulnerable we would be as a country. Without a central unit to relay messages through or to look to for directions or ideas, it would be extremely difficult, almost impossible to unite together as one nation in time that we need to. This nation union would not only be important in fighting another country but also dealing with natural disasters or disease. So although small things such as loving your neighbor more and supporting locals businesses may improve, the country as a whole would be weak and easily torn apart.

1 point

I believe that a government is necessary. First of all, regulations that the government enforces keeps consumer products safe and healthy. Without regulations on industry, it would be easier and more inviting for companies to take the cheaper route and not make the products safe for the consumer because they want to spend as little making the products as they can. For example, if governments didn't have rules about displaying the expiration dates of foods then consumers would be in danger because companies would see no benefit in getting rid of food when the consumer doesn't know it is no longer safe to eat. Along with regulations on products, the government is crucial in providing structure, efficiency, and organization in licensing or documentation processes. Although some may argue that government processes are slow, these processes ensure the highest amount of safety for citizens in the quickest possible time to ensure all this safety. For example, some may complain how long it takes to schedule a drivers test to get licensed but this time is worth the citizens lives who will be driving on the road safely because they have waited to be properly taught and licensed. Finally, in a world where territory and trade rights are crucial to a successful country, countries are always trying to find ways to better themselves in the trade world by overcoming others. Without a strong central government to provide military and unionization, we would be extremely vulnerable to other countries and easily taken advantage of because we would have no central leader and therefore no organization. All together, a country without government, especially in todays age, would not survive.

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