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I do not agree with your claim that no government would be better for everyone. When you say that not having taxes is beneficial and that trading could somehow replace the need for taxes, you are very wrong. Taxes uphold our society and country by supplying the country with an army, providing roads and public transportation, libraries, parks, etc. Also, you imply that emergency services are bad. Emergency service such as police, firefighters, and paramedics save lives every day. They solve crime, put out fires, and take care of people that are on the verge of death to make them healthy again. Finally, you also say that required schooling is a negative thing. You claim that home schooling would be the most beneficial alternative to school because people only need to learn what they need. At that age students do not know what they need to prepare themselves for life. In school they receive a wide variety of education to let them decide what they like most. They may find a subject extremely interesting that they never even knew of before. Home schooling also limits the student of social interaction. The student may then fall behind in social skills and will not understand social queues. Social interaction at a young age is crucial to prepare for future life and a life in "the real world." Without a government the world would fall into chaos.

1 point

I highly support the idea of a government. The lack of a government would bring up such madness and chaos which people would not be able to bare. Any government is better than no government. The idea of living in unity in a state and having such a thing called the government is man's most genius creation. Government protects the people in its state, it controls things like medication and food so that they are trustworthy, and most importantly it organizes money from the people and establishes schools and roads. Without a government people are open to attack and the state is extremely vulnerable. No taxes means no army to protect the territory. We would not know if the food we eat, medication we take, and the water we drink are safe to take in without a government telling us that it is. These things we think are safe could poison us and kill us. No taxes also mean no school which would cause the upcoming generation to be uneducated. And even if there would be private schooling institutions it would be hard to get there because there would be no roads and there would also not be any public transportation. Also, without a government there would be no standardized punishment for crime. So everyone would be in danger at all times. Their property would also be worthless because it could be taken away at any time by anybody with a stronger power. To conclude, a state that lacks a government would not be a state at all. It would be a land ruled by fear and chaos.

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