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RSS 2022102pd8

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1 point

You are right in most of if not all of your claims. Yes there would be less violence. As well as this the people would likely unite. Also less payment to the government is better. The fact that there would be more local trading points is very true. All of those good statements are why I agree with you.

3 points

I disagree with you for many reasons. Firstly the people would most likely band together for defense as well as stability within the group. As for laws most likely would stop being the responsibility of the no longer around courts and people would be free to have their own justice. The citizens would still have the natural rights if they could protect them. Also the people would be more likely to help each other and be decent people. That is why I disagree with the opinion that government is needed.

1 point

I believe that living with no government would be better for everyone for a multitude of reasons. The first of which is that there would be no taxes or monetary system so trading would come back. Also there would be no emergency services which would mean that people would have to care for themselves. Another reason I think that not having a government would be better is so that people are not restricted in what they can do or have, which would be true freedom. Also it would fix the problem of people being saved from Darwinism by others. The world would be a much better place for the people who could take care of themselves because they would not have to obey the no longer in place laws. Also the fact that there would not be a government would mean that there would not be required schooling. This would be a huge plus and would mean that everyone would be home schooled. This would be a plus because the kids would only learn things that they needed. This is a large plus because then the kids would know that everything they learn is useful. Another bonus to not having a government is that people will be more likely to grow closer to live in more safety. All of this is why I think that living without a government is better than living with one.

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