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Yes, Marching band is a sport. Not only the physical exertion that is involved, but the time. A high school marching band can and has put more practice time in then their football team. That is just in field time, not playing through the show at home. There is also the definition of a sport from Google. Finally the competitions are like a soccer tenement. Lots of band/teams, and they put on a show/play against each other. And the grading of a band is the score of a band or team. If you have fun in a sport, then good job, people have fun in marching band too.

1 point

While I do love what you have said, there are some things that aren't quite right. No emergency services, true, but that comes with a huge cost. I think we all know what that cost is, a lot of people have been saved by EMS, but now people can't. And that would help with Darwinism, which I believe in somewhat. Now, if we removed warning labels and signs, what happen? But Schooling is important. While some parents would home school their kids, most wouldn't. While they will learn some useless things at school, they do learn a lot of helpful things. And you can always learn at home what your parents think you need to know. And what you need to know is different from the next person. Some cases, a government is good, others bad. But here we need it, now for fixing Darwinism...

-1 points

We as a people need a government. First of all, without a government there would be chaos, and we wouldn't have any kind of law or regulations. And the crime rate that we have would go up, but there wouldn't be anyone to tell us of an increase by percentages because there is nobody to do that, on any level. While life could be better for some people, it would be crap for others. If we as a people try to live without a government, that would be possible. But, it would be a whole mess, and as humans, we will form some sort of government in due time naturally. Living conditions, they wouldn't be regulated, Imagine living in a world without having running water, or heat or AC. The world our world would have such things for a time, but when everyone is worried about otter things, it will be non-exist ant. Clean water would be rare, for those who don't know how to get it, as water treatment wouldn't be regulated after a time, and wouldn't happen after longer. Money wouldn't have value, and theses with a lot of it, well they are not rich, and people with out a lot, not poor. One good thin would be everyone is now equal-ish. The chances of this happening, ie: total government failure in one day, is mostly not happening.

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