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RSS 2022106pd4

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With no government means we wouldn't have an economy. This would lead to no corruption but we wouldn't have markets like you said because we wouldn't have money to buy essential things from the market. Paying taxes is essential because it protects you, supports you and your family, and gives food and water to people who need it. The weak would starve. We have seen what no government does. If you look at gangs in the 1970s, which is when the government had no control, the gangs killed and robbed and no one could stop them. If there was no government huge gangs like this would occur and there is nothing we could do to stop it.

1 point

Having a government is one of the most crucial systems we as humans need. First it provides laws which in turn protects you from other people. It helps you understand what to do so everybody gets a chance. If no government was in place then criminals would rome free and huge gangs would form doing what they want with no one stopping them. We know proof that this happens because in some cities huge gangs form where there is little government control. We pay taxes which seems like it only benefits the government but in turn this money goes toward our essential needs like protection, clean water and food, and other basic needs. If there was no economy then we would need to hunt for food if we can find any and find clean fresh water. It would make the country "Strongest of the fittest". Although there would be no restrictions do things, these restrictions are there for good reasons. They are there to keep you and others safe. In conclusion this country needs a government to survive and without it life would be very difficult and a lot wont live very long.

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