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I disagree with your claims for many reasons. One reason I disagree is because of your claim about money. Without money there would be no economy and there would be no way to rise up in the social classes. Another reason I disagree is because of your claim about businesses. If we all had local businesses there would be no diversity within society. Also there would be less jobs for people to work at.

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I think that government is necessary for many reasons. One reason is that without government there would be no medicines because the government is in charge and funds medications. Another reason government is necessary is because of transportation. Without the government public transportation and street laws would not be funded therefore the streets would be complete chaos. Another reason is that there would be no hospitals because all hospitals are government funded. This would cause spread of disease and injury. Another reason is that there would be no military. Without the military many people would be without jobs and our country would be prone to invasion. The final reason is that all businesses would be private. This would cause a loss of jobs and a drop in the economy.

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