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I agree with your thoughts on government being necessary. We absolutely need our government to keep the peace among the people. It is very important to have boundaries which are made by the government. The government is needed to keep the peace of the people and the country as a whole. I completely agree with what youre saying about how we need government.

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Overall, the world would be chaotic if we did not have government. There would be no laws or regulations on what happens in the world. Things such as food from farms would not be regulated. The amount of pesticides would not be regulated by the government. This could be dangerous for the people. Sewage and water treatment plants would also not be regulated. Taking a shower or drinking water could be very harmful. As much as people may dislike paying taxes or taxes in general, we need them. Our taxes go to the government to fund things like our roads being paved or our schools. Also, government funded projects and buildings would no longer exist. As mentioned before, the roads would not be paved due to no taxpayer money going towards them. Laws of the road would also not exist, so driving can be extremely dangerous since there would be no police to enforce laws. Since we would have no government, only private companies would exist. Government companies like firefighters, police and Doctors would be a thing of the past. Smaller things, like national services would also be gone. Weather apps or national news and alerts would be gone as well. Life would basically be a free for all and a “help yourself” mentality among the people. Life with a government would be much better for everybody. People would be a lot safer, smarter and healthier. The Government keeps the peace and wellbeing of the people.

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