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RSS 2022137pd5

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I agree with your statement said in your argument. With out government there would be no public services. This would have the people fall ill and cause cities and towns to fall apart. There would also be no defense to protect the people. I 100% agree with you

1 point

I Believe that having no government would lead the country into chaos. My reasoning is that there would be little to no public service such as medical care, garage collecting, etc. This would led to mass unemployment rates for jobs. There would be high demand for supplies such as food and other goods and services.This would also led to currency becoming useless(In the Country with no government). And If other Countries still have a government this would be like Wiemar Republic (Germany post WW1) Where there currency (marks) become useless because of mass production of the currency which lowers its value which would led to low imports because no one wants a low valued item. I also think that there would be people trying to form there own governments to stop the chaos. With no government there would be no service to to keep the cities/town up to date like building codes and keeping roads smooth.This will also led to a mass crime wave because theirs is no laws stop people from harming others. These people will probably steal anything that has value such as food and water. In conclusion Will need government to keep people safe and have there need meant.

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