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I don't believe this to be true. While you say that we would rely on someone to build our houses or provide services we would have no regulated currency to pay them with. On top of this, lack of proper payment could cause disputes between people in a community. When the disputes happen there would be no one to settle them. Without the governments judicial system there wouldn't be a fair way to settle these disputes especially when they eventually turn violent. Lastly when you say the nation would be community oriented would there even still be our nation without a government. I think we would break into little towns or communities and those could die off because of lack of supplies from the government such as water or food when tragedies happen.

1 point

I believe that the government is essential. I believe this because without the government there would be no regulations. For example no one would be regulating the food we eat or the water we drink and that would lead to many health problems. Also Roads, bridges, public schools, and health care would all be almost nonexistent in the world without government. Also there would be no fair judicial system and when disputes happen most likely it would end in death or major destruction of property. Next there is no people regulating the economy. This would make people able to price gauge and rip people off by not using correct measurements at establishments like gas stations. There would be sewage and trash overflowing all over the place because there wouldn't be any government run facilities to dispose of our waste. Without government widespread epidemics could easily occur because of no food quality checks or vaccines being available. Because of all these reasons I believe we need government.

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