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I have to disagree with your statements for many reasons. First, if we get rid of government fights and riots will begin to rise even higher. Without any laws people are allowed to do whatever they want to each other and will fight over a scarce amount of supplies. With no currency people are allowed to take what they want causing a various amount of disputes. Also, how would we be able to build houses with no one giving us our needs to build one? Lastly, how would people be able to unite if we are constantly fighting over each other with the lack of fundamental laws and supplies.

1 point

I believe, that this world without a formal government would be torn into pieces. With no laws, and citizens being allowed to do whatever they want this world would be so chaotic nothing would able to get done. Who will have jobs, who will take control of currency, and who will even be able to live their lives without having to worry about their own needed safety. Without any government system, who would defend the citizens from other attacking countries. Also, who would interact with other countries to get the supplies we need to live. To add on, who will take care of our new found technology, after lots of hard work by other citizens all of that would go into complete waste. Also, who will develop and create new technology to better advance our society. Lastly, with no laws people of society can torture the life of humans and even animals. Along with that all of our supplies will be fought for between other humans causing a mass amount of deaths completely destroying society. To wrap it up, without any sort of government this world would be torn into pieces.

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