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RSS 20221632

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I do not agree with your statement because many of the reasons you use to support your statement can easily be used against you. First off, you support your statement by mentioning that there would be no emergency services and people would care for themselves, which is terrible because some people can't care for themselves and rely on emergency services, so without them they would die. You also mention "true freedom" with how there would be no rules in place to restrict you, the fault in this statement is that those rules are there to protect you and everyone else by getting rid of danger. Now of course there are laws that could be super restrictive but that's why we have a congress and a constitution to stop these laws from passing. Another fault in your statement is how you say public schooling is a bad thing, which it is not only a good thing but is a necessary. Without forced public education kids would not get the proper education they need, and although home schooling is an another option it isn't the best because parents are not always professionals in education and although they will most likely be able to teach their child the basics they won't be able to teach their child everything they need. Lastly, you say that people will live closer, which is true, however that wouldn't mean total peace because there would be almost constant war between these small tribe like people and they would be free and open to corruption which would lead to more deaths. I can see how you would think living with no government would be better then now, however the negatives pile up and it would just result into chaos every time.

-1 points

This country, this world, and its people could not and can not survive without a government. Without a strong government taking control, society as we know it would not exist and chaos would be the only left with people being able to do whatever they want. Along with the chaos the only hope the people would have are small nomadic tribes, until someone comes along and reunites them. Until then, these tribes wouldn’t have close to enough strength to defend themselves from outside invaders and most likely would be overtaken easily by outside invaders. The warfare would not only be limited to outside invaders but there would most certainly be constant war between these pockets of humans trying to live which would destroy the ecosystem and life in the area. Since there is no government to direct and protect the people, there won’t be people to invent and and further expand technology, outside of warfare and for the better of the people, and humans would be stuck in the same era for a long time.

Since there is no government and no constitution there is no reason/regulations to stop people from punishing people in cruel ways, from torturing peole for everything, and from bringing back slavery. With no organization the giant corporations would either crumble because of the lack of government or would either get more powerful without restrictions and would take over like what happened in the banana republic, which would result in chaos. The powerful corporations would also be able to ignore all the restrictions on harming the environment and could destroy it, deforestation, mining, etc, for its resources. In the darker aspect of this situation would be the mass starvation of the people that are not lucky enough to get help or aren’t able to fend for themselves, as food supplies would be quickly snatched up by the biggest and strongest people. Lastly, without government protection anti-semetic and other racist groups, like the K.K.K, would be able to rise and enact terrible things against groups of people and if they grow powerful enough there won’t be anyone to stop them, leading to mass death. To wrap-up, without a government the people of the nation and the world would be left at the bidding of the most powerful groups that would rise being corporations, tribes, or racist groups. Either that or they would just destroy themselves before anything could happen.

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