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I highly agree with your statement; you are right that the government keeps the peace for our society in many ways. Like without government, there are higher chances of chaos and violence society. The government helps people with their daily life according to what you just said in the text. So we need a government in our society to keep peace in the country. And stay out of violence and other poor society.

1 point

I think having a government is necessary for our country and others too. To prove that we need a government, in our society are full of different of kind people, bad people, good people, or either of it. People lived in a community more massive and evolved throughout many centuries with different beliefs, religion, or even culture. If we live without government, involve, the world is going to facing chaos and warfare. For example, crime going to increase, and the world are going to full of violence. The government created Laws and providing justice for citizens. So we need Laws to control people from chaos. A government also help people with a formal cooperative organization like maintaining street or road for people and also dealing with natural disaster people. So a government jo was keeping people safe and have a peaceful life. Can you imagine that when you wake up and realize that there no government involved in our world and you see somebody in front of a doorway threaten you and tries to kill you. However, nobody want something like this to happen; without government, people will have the right to kill each other or do whatever they want. The whole of the population is going to get crazier and hard to control because there are no Laws, and people are not receiving punishment for what they did, the world is going to full of violence and chaos. The government also creates jobs and money; people need jobs to make money and money everything that everyone needs in life. So the government is necessary .

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