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1 point

I agree with some of the things you are saying but there is many cons. But a problem is there won’t be many riots but there will be a lot of violence. Everyone will fight each other for material to survive. Some people will not want to work with others but if they do there will be eventual corruption. Once a group has great power they will eventually try to conquer others. No government would be bad in the long run because there will be no one todo the job of the government. For example electricity, waste, and oil and other resources will be scarce. There will be anarchy amongst others and many will die. There will also be no hospitals available for the people in need. So all those people who need medication would die, and that would be a lot of people. No government would be bad for the people.

1 point

The government is necessary for many reasons. One is the safety of the people. If no one is in control of stuff, there are gonna be many problems including sewage, trash, and electricity. Overtime people are gonna have to take care of it themselves. Also they are people that will harm others and cause chaos. There will be anarchy. People will die because of no hospitals. The government is a big part of our everyday lives. Taking our trash away and giving us water and electricity is an example. The government is very important.

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