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2 points

Glory is a really good movie about the civil war and highly recomend it.

2 points

Well I, as creator of this debate, think that there should not be a death penalty. Since 2000 there have been 13 executed inncoent people and 81 innocent people that went to death row and were releases. Also, states with the death penalty have a higher murder rate anyways. The Death penalty does not work because the kind of people that murder will not stop and think of the consequences before their actions.

There are also many other reasons including racism, inhumane and/or botched executions, and revenge.

1 point

But also, if all the plants or animals are the same one strand of disease would kill al of them. Also cloning and genetic engineering is immoral becasue it is like "playing god." Humans should not have the power to create and copy life, there is so much we don't understand and so much that could go wrong.

3 points

Yes because we can clone vegetables, fruits, and animals so everybody could have food. Also with genetic engineering you can fix birth defects and clone organs to give to people in need of one. There is so much good that could come of it.

1 point

You are completely right, less work.

Go easy access bras!


2 points

No, she has had a naughty photoshoot, posted pictures of herself in bikinis (very revealing) on the internet.

3 points stereotyping!

I am conservative but I don't believe in half of the stuff you wrote.

Separation of church and state? What is this the colonial age?

3 points


How is it wrong to have an opinion?

I hate it when people stereotype conservatives.

11 points

Well for those of you who believe in the big bang theory where the Earth was cereated by an explosion of gases and other stuff, I ask you this: Where did the gases come from?

1 point

Yes, as said above, if you are old enough to die for your country you are old enough to vote.

If the 18 year olds are immature and just vote for looks, race, and style then great for them.

But they should be able to vote because, technically, they are adults

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