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RSS 4thHorseman

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1 point

It really depends on what you use it for. As a media device, PS3 definately wins.

But as a gaming device, definately 360. Yeah, PS3 has free online, but it's poor online. I don't mind paying less than $4 a month for reliable service. Graphics are usually better on Xbox since PS3 games are usually just ports with no real work done on them (they do have the capability of being better though), and let's not forget the annoying loads and everything the PS3 makes you go through.

Oh, and PS3 will eventually find a way to charge for online. You just wait and see.

4 points

I'm white and voted Obama. McCain was not only a bully, he was an idiot. He picked possibly the dumbest running mate he could simply because she was a female hoping to get those votes. His plans on helping this country were horrible and most of his rebutals were backed up with...well...nothing. He loved to talk stories that had little to nothing to do with anything and he just came off as a poor person to be in the White House. I didn't vote for Obama because he was black, but because I thought he could do a better job than McCain.

And to say that blacks ONLY voted for Obama because he's black is kind of racist. It's like saying they have no thinking ability or opinions whatsoever. Chris Rock made a good point when he said "We're not just voting for him 'cause he's black, we're voting for him 'cause he's black and qualified"

2 points

A girl falls in "love" because a guy is hot and mysterious. The guy, who's a sparkling vampire, falls in love because the smell of her blood is amazing and he can't read her mind. Add to the fact that the characters have no personalities, gaping plot holes and logic, and things that should piss most people off, especially women (ex: the way Bella is treated, the psychological abuse that takes place, having sex with an unconscious Bella, etc.) and you have a movie that would make buy the movie simply to watch it burn in my fireplace to exorcise the evil.

1 point

Agreed on the Pascal's Wager argument. I would also like to add that if there isn't anything in this life after, than you have wasted your one and only life in fear of some spooky invisible being. That right there is the biggest loss.

2 points

There should be no reason they can't. But there is a reason they shouldn't have it on or at least they could keep it on silent. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing a cell phone go off only to have them ignore the caller. That's the problem. Most of the times, it's not of importance. And if it WAS an emergency, you could always use a phone at the school office or whatever.

I know this sounds crazy but...whispers quite a bit of people were able to make it through school without their cell phone. Cell phones only became popular in the past 10-15 years or so....

1 point

I love Batman and all, but there is no reason Superman should lose a fight against him. What use is Kryptonite if Superman can just fry Batman with heat vision 20 miles above Gotham?

1 point

I don't think there's anything fucking wrong with it. I'm sick and fucking tired of people trying to say that the vocabulary is the biggest factor in an argument. It's not. What matters is the point these assholes try to get across. If they can get across a decent argument using bad language, fine and dandy. But if their argument consists of foul language simply to insult someone or just to dispute them without any thoughtful argument...they are worth ignoring.

2 points

sigh I want to say yes for the most part. I think if people are mature enough to have sex (knowing the consequences of it), they should be mature enough to handle the fallout from it. It should not be used as a form of birth control. If you don't want a child, don't have sex. Simple as that.

BUT, then the issue of rape comes into play. Along with the health of the mother at risk. These are two major issues that throw a wrench into my thoughts on abortion. But those would be the only reasons I feel abortion would be "acceptable".

3 points

So let me get this straight. Their lifestyle denies US citizens of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So your argument to combat that is to...deny homosexuals (also US citizens) the chance of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Hmm, seems a bit contradictory.

I guess we should put a stop to divorce as well. Also higher rates of depression and suicide, effects children, decreased well-being, etc. Are you going to argue that should be abolished as well?

3 points

Yes, gay marriage should be legal. Civil unions are not the same as marriage and despite what everyone tries to make you think, those unions don't give you the same rights and privelages. The only thing keeping them from marrying are some long dead morals from hundreds of years ago. You know, the same morals that kept women and blacks from having any power in this country as well.

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