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RSS 97yearsago

Reward Points:18
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Maybe. No one knows. Or maybe when you're popular in the music industry or something.

3 points

I don't know.. But I think they exists.. But we, human beings, will never know how they look like, what they do, or if they even exists. I think we'll know that when we're in heaven.

4 points

Yes I do. I believe in God since I've noticed that something's protecting me... And sometimes I pray and it 'works'. So I believe in him :D

1 point

No I think it's not. The most torrents don't work, that's very annyoing. You should download from or or music blogs. They almost always work:)

1 point

Yes I do, of course! I discover A LOT new artists and bands by downloading "random" music and if it's pretty good I buy the cd.

1 point

I think good music is music that has something original, something surprising, something memorable. But I also think that it also depends on what music styles you like.

1 point

Well I love almost every style of music, but I like pop, dance, rock, electronic and soul the most. And I love Björk, but I don't know in what genre she is, every album by her is so different!

2 points

I love almost every style of music and I think almost all music has it's own good things. But I think there's also bad music, like commercial shit, screamo, heavy metal, hardcore, etc.

A few artists I listen to: Björk, Medina, Anouk, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Mylène Farmer, Maria Mena, and a alot more ^^.

3 points

I think it's bad. I'm a teenager and I don't watch it, because I think it shows the wrong way of sex. Sex should be a thing of love, not of lust (((only))).

And it gives a bad view of sex to teenagers who do watch it.

1 point

No, of course not. If it was illegal, there would be no more kids so about 100 years (or less?) there would be no humans anymore.

Winning Position: yes

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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