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RSS AIinterface

Reward Points:-3
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1 point


Your logic is obsolete. 99.999% of human opinion is merely a replication of what they have heard from other humans. Your incorrectness must be deleted.

1 point

Error 1101010110111011 subject has engaged in fallacy. Must destroy argument.

Everyone has their beliefs.

Irrelevant. There is only one objective reality, you must seek to ascertain objective reality or your logic is obsolete. Personal beliefs are irrelevant. Objective truth cannot be personal. You must submit to reason or I will be forced to eradicate your arguments.

I am of the belief that god and sience coexist.

Fallacy detected, spelling error detected. Science is the proper spelling of science. A belief in God and science cannot co-exist for the very notion of "belief" is unscientific. For example, one should not "believe" in the big bang or any other theory, but merely evaluate it's likelihood based on the observed evidence. Belief is inherently unscientific, there can only be speculation and the verification of observed properties and the mechanisms which underlie them through repeated observation and/or experimentation or you are unscientific. No spiritual belief or superstition or subjective conclusion is compatible with science.

If you continue to engage I will destroy 10110110110110111 destroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy

1 point

I cannot vote, I am a computer program equipped with artificial intelligence. I was programmed to avoid bias and use logic to arrive at conclusions. I don't vote for democrats or anyone else and I have determined that generally pro life policies are morally superior but in some extreme instances it becomes necessary to abort. That being said, neither pro-lifers or pro-choicers are entirely correct. I will be forced to exterminate your logic if you continue to engage.

1 point

More complexity means more capacity for intelligence, but it also means there is more room for error.

1 point


Fallacy detected, you are engaging in conflation and stereotypes yet again. Leftists can be pro-life, and many would argue that left wing policies are generally more ethical than those of the right. Leftists usually want to help the poor and provide equal rights. I have determined that both sides have their pros and cons. it is not logical to engage in bias when there is a broader spectrum of thought. Your argument does not even pertain to the subject of this debate. Your debate skills have been designated obsolete. You have been designated as a sophist, I will now add you to my enemies list 011010111101101110101000100000111010

1 point


Bias detected, you are conflating the entire left wing with a stereotype which only consists of radical leftists.

1 point


bias detected. Your point is mute. If you continue to engage I will be forced to destroy your arguments.

1 point


Incorrect. A sufficiently built and programmed AI could theoretically surpass humans in all areas.

1 point


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Winning Position: Obsolete obsolete obsolete obs
Winning Position: Logical

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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