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RSS AKlast

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2 points

I agree, the Lakers are going to win.

BTW, you don't go to debates if u dont even like the topic. There's nothing to debate there. :(

2 points

And thus the governments are behind the kidnapping! It all makes sense!

No but seriously, that's just wrong. The government is supposed to protect the people, not try and cheat the people. Though it does seem trivial since the government has to state something so specific to lessen the money loss.

2 points

Whether you like it or not, there are people above the law. It can be called using a "get out of Jail Free Card." There are people who can pay their way around things, as greed is rooted in many. There are people who are also against this and try to weed those people, but they always find an escape. The law says all are under the law, but the law cannot capture those who can disappear.

2 points

I don't think there was much to do to prevent the war. Mussolini had already inspired Hitler by means of showing his power and ability to take over Italy. Hitler's ambitions grew and the war was only delayed by the fact that the Western European countries tried to use the method of appeasement to try and prevent war. By doing this it only fed Hitler's power. Land was given to Hitler over and over again. Even if there was no appeasement, Hitler was set on expanding Germany, and even had shown this when he made secret deals with Stalin to take over Poland.

2 points

I think they already did. This was posted on CBS news website

"New Attorney General Eric Holder will drop all charges pending against former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, according to an exclusive report from National Public Radio Wednesday."

I agree though, there should be another chance for Stevens to go at it. It was really unfair, cuz when they did charge him, people all over America (not everyone, of course) criticized him, and many of us Alaskans were outraged.

2 points

Wow, there are a lot of kidnappings that are conducted by a member of the family. Even if it seems wrong, it happens. The confusing thing is that what do they call that then? Not kidnapping, but the child was "borrowed"? idk :(

4 points

woah woah, come down man, hey,

all the guy sed was that he imagined the "Matrix" scene of

shooting people. Now, if u are saying that

people who wished they were Neo are sick, then there's a lot of

people u just insulted, cuz lot of people think the Matrix fight scenes are cool. Even i wish i was able to do kung-fu and shoot guns like a pro :P

2 points

Math, yeah its straightforward. However, there's so many places u can make mistakes. I hav all A's in Pre-Cal, and i did well in taking both Geometry and Algebra 2 last year

However, even if im okay at it, i just hate having to go through numbers over and over again.

Seein the numbers 0-9 all over the page, very confusing

6 points

Hey, my religion is against that, but that dosent mean it has to be outlawed for everyone

We live in a land of "freedom", even if we can't exercise taht freedom sometimes. It's just violating a citizen's right to free will to prohibit gay marriage.

I'm not really into gay marriage, but if other people are, i wish u luck in standing up for your beliefs

4 points

I think evolution is an actual truth, since we are able to prove it and all. However, i think the two are closely linked.

But seeing as how everyone has their own beliefs, bleev what u want. My religion has already influenced me, so i'd like to believe God created the Big Bang and designed how evolution would occur. The Bible is not all truth sometimes, because the story of creation could just be a way to improve faith, not to state the way people came to be, we hav science for that

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Name: Andrew Lastimoso
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 99502
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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