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2 points

This is certainly true. Many people who've been wrongfully sent to prison has sued the state for compensation. Even not all that recently I saw an article about a man who was wrongfully put into prison for a rape he didn't commit. He was in prison for 30 some years and proven innocent with DNA testing and was suing the state for 1mill.

I've never heard of anyone winning in such a trial, however. In history, I don't believe the government has ever really compensated anyone for the wrong doing they've done. The best they've ever done to compensate anyone for their wrong doing, probably, would be in the case of native american and giving then their 'reserves' or whatever. < And that certainly doesn't make up for all we've done to their people and their culture. That kinda drifts away from this topic, however.

2 points

Thoughts like this are why immigrant Americans are so commonly discriminated against. People who love america. Muslims are just people. Americans are just people. Shouldn't people get along with people? People = people after-all.

1 point

Well, someone is sounding like a terrorist... :O


1 point

Why is separation of religion and state bad? Other than the fact that we're not really separating it properly... Having the state follow a specific religion would lead to a lot of segregation against those who don't agree with the state majority's belief system.

1 point

What makes me dislike america the most is it's people. Not everyone, but america is a nation with a high percentage of people with lesser moral standards and education. What keeps it as a leading nation is merely the top 1% who hoards money, and the millions of people who practically, unknowingly, act like guinea pigs doing the work to keep the nation running.

2 points

Best country in the world? In what way?

"You have the right to do whatever job if you work hard. You are free to speak against the government and the freedom to be whatever religion you want to be."

There are a lot of countries like that out there.

1 point

Nah. I may be an American, but I've never loved this country nor it's people. I may love life, but America is nothing special.

1 point

If it's the same god as that of which is written about in the holy scriptures, god could merely banish the devil if he should so desire.

1 point

When I was younger I used to be big into the breasts. Now after having plenty of sexual experience I find an ass to be much easier to sexualize and get turned on by... Even though I hate the idea of anal. Anal aint attractive at all.

1 point

Nah, we Americans are the ones who need to be educated. I mean lets face it, we're idiots.

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