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2 points

Not arrested but rather escorted back to their parent or legal guardian whom should have a good reason to let their child roam the streets at night or should be equally upset at the child for sneaking out. If the parent shows a pattern of neglect a social worker should be assigned but if the child shows a lack of respect the parent should consider asking for help with alternative disciplining for the child.

2 points

I think we should start with politicians convicted of crimes; they should be publicly beaten for betrayal of the public, abuse of power and authority entrusted to them. In Singapore they cane people convicted of crimes and as a result there is much more respect for law and order. I say strike one leads to an ass whooping for politicians, prosecutors, judges, those who hold high positions in public service and police officers. Everyone else will be subject to an ass whooping after 3 strikes (misdemeanor) or on the first strike for felony & certain misdemeanor convictions.

2 points

PBS is home to many hugely popular and financially successful shows including Sesame Street. Sesame street as a franchise is capable of covering it's production costs without taxpayer subsidies. Think of all the money PBS makes from the sale of merchandise; there is no good reason to think the show would suffer without taxpayer assistance. Conversely since the show was initially started with public tax dollars and a portion of its funding every year comes from taxes shouldn't the government have received its fair share of profits every year? The president of PBS makes over $600,000.00 per year so in summation I think PBS can sustain itself without the governments help.

1 point

In my idea of a perfect society you would be punished for even considering giving those savages a second chance. I'd put you in a cage with them for a month and see what you think then. You _ucking derelict fag!

1 point

I think our justice system is much to lenient in regards to punishment of scum who injure, molest and murder children. I don't think there should be any mercy or compassion for those demons, hanging would even be to good of a death. It's befuddling that there are attorneys capable of defending these monsters or advocates who lobby for their fair and humane treatment. I understand that some religious types believe in mercy for all but in these circumstances they should step aside and allow these savages to be punished by men who don't concern themselves with compassion; only justice and revenge.

1 point

So you're saying that women should not be allowed to abort fetuses as a form of birth control?

1 point

On the one hand I think it would only be fair for men to have the "choice" just like women get a "choice"; that would be true equality. But in reality there would be a lot more bastard children running around if "all things were equal", I'm more concerned with what's fair for the child not the irresponsible parents. Women currently get to make poor choices, sleep around and if they accidentally get pregnant they can have an abortion, that is unless they are "in love" with the man and they can use the baby to control him or unless the man has a bright future and they decide to keep the child for the economic windfall. I don't think men should behave like women though, we should set the example, not stoop to their level. I keep hearing about the male birth control pill yet for years it has been stalled by FDA approval with no reason for the delay given to the public. If this were a "woman's rights" issue it would receive expedited approval. In reality the extremist feminists probably consider this wonder drug as the most powerful tool in the war against women because it takes the sting out of the only real power god gave them, their vaginas.

1 point

Of course illegal aliens are an economic burden to America. They strain the budgets of our law enforcement agencies, crowd our schools (more cost to the taxpayer, less opportunity for our children), take American jobs, most don't pay taxes, they crowd our neighborhoods, commit auto insurance fraud (which drives up the price for everyone else), use emergency rooms as their primary care (with no intention of paying the bill). Deport them all in 2013 vote for anyone but Obama!!

1 point

An illegal alien who first disrespect's our country by illegally crossing the border or overstaying a visa and then continues to violate the law by driving without a license (probably also committed insurance fraud & ID theft / forgery) or worse driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be immediately deported. Governor Andrew Cuomo has rightfully proposed new legislation to institute a lifetime ban on anyone convicted of numerous DUI's within a 25 year period from ever obtaining a license in NY. I always hear the argument that illegal aliens are good people who just want a better life; if you want citizens to buy that load of garbage you at least have to impose a zero tolerance rule for the illegals who show they don't care about anything or anyone by driving under the influence.

2 points

Yes men should get at least one week off. When my son was born his mother needed time to recover so I had to stay home for about 10 days to care for them. Your employee won't be of much use to you when his thoughts are only concerned with the well being of his family. If you do the right thing by your employees they will appreciate it by working harder for the company.

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Gender: Male
Age: 37
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 11220
Religion: Agnostic
Education: Some College

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