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These so called "rights" the states are allowed to posses are so much more limited than what they had been allowed to do before. In terms of making laws, the central government still oversees these laws being passed. They can very easily step in and declare these laws as contradictory to federal laws. The federal government and federal agencies will also force laws onto the states without attempting to compensate them for the required changes. When it comes to direct election of senators, the people may be able to elect these senators, but in what realization are they allowed to rescind the election when the senator is not representing the ideals of the state? The lack of money for veterans or basic needs for soldiers was an ongoing problem even after the Constitution. Veterans of future wars are still not always able to be paid and there is always a lack of supplies in wartime. A strong central government does not clearly address these problems you have displayed as a cause of the Articles of Confederation.

1 point

The Constitution clearly favors the national government and robs the states, and thus the people, of their power. The constitution takes a small fear of the people having to much power and transforms it to the much larger fear that the constitution will create a large centralized power. This large centralized power provides ample opportunity for someone such as the President to run a monarchy similar to the one we just gained independence from.

4 points

With the establishment of the constitution, a federal government would assume nearly all rights that the states posses. By doing so, they would strip the power of the states which in turn takes the power from the people. Giving the people no voice directly resulted in the Revolutionary War. With this in mind, the federalists are creating the same situation which would ultimately provide the same results.

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