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RSS A_Christian

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10 most recent arguments.
4 points

Because multiple apes evolved before we came. They were already there when us Humans and Chimps arrived.

They are just regular apes

1 point

Female Mammals have eggs, including humans. Us mammals don't lay them accept for the Platypus. Besides that, Mammals do have internal eggs that are that organism. What do you think the mentrual period is.

What do you mean?

1 point

Man has been asking himself if god is real. Well it's not. If god is real why does god have to be a guy.

And plus evolution is true. In 2001 Toumai or Sahelanthropus was discovered, the missing link was discovered. He was the evidence that evolution was true. The bible just tell you lies. The bible tell many historical errors. The great flood never happened, Adam and Eve was inaccurate, and Jesus's name wasn't even jesus.

You were not there

8 points

How is that proof that the Bible doesn't support evolution?

Read it.....

7 points

The bible disagrees with evolution so it's not true................................

3 points

Gay Marriage is condemned in Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26 and other bible verses...................

3 points

I don't believe that Christians should go to a Catholic church but gay marriage is a sin according to Romans 1:26

2 points

Evolution is well established scientific discipline, based on evidence.

Bill Nye just showing up shows there is a scientific controversy.

2 points

wow really ...fighting against science with book of magic and talking animals :D ...yeeehaaa

1. By Magic we mean God not magic

2. The talking snake was satan not a talking animal

2 points

Yeah I know. im sure Ham would review his facts over and over.....if he had any

You should read his website it is very easy to understand it....

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