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1 point

Although it is a person's choice, it should provably wait until 25. This is because a person's brain, specifically their prefrontal cortex, or decision making control center, usually continues to develop until then. Then they would be able to consider all the options and choose if they really want to do something or not.

1 point

Living in a controlling and harsh environment actually makes children more subservient and on average less successful than children who lived in a warm and permissive household.

1 point

Actually a study done by a male professor showed that women are now scoring over a full IQ point higher than men. Men and women have equally contributed to history, but women are pushed into the background. In addition, much of the stereotypical behavior exhibited by women today are due to the stereotypes themselves that society has forced onto them. Also women are not just the "sack" to hold the child. They provide the egg. Please stop basing your arguments on personal experience.

1 point

❤️Brian Greene's writing. Read the Hidden Reality to fully understand the answer.

1 point

If you were the father...good luck to you, my good sir, with finding someone who can put up with your demeaning sexist views.

1 point

While free speech is a right, you should politely consider other's opinions.

1 point

Debate is supposed to be cordial. Anyways, women discovered radioactivity, the structure of DNA (Watson and crick technically stole information), the composition of the sun, abstract algebra, the modern electric refrigerator, wireless communication, CCTVs, and computer programs.

2 points

I think that gender is completely irrelevant in elections. Only the qualifications of the candidates should matter, which unfortunately is not the case.

1 point

PMS is cause because of hormones. Men hav more testosterone. Matter settled. Moving on, it's actually proven that men candidates with the exact same resume and speech are more attractive to voters than women because of societal sexism. There was an entire TIMES article on it.

1 point

Actually, a bigger brain is not indicative of higher intelligence, or elephants would be smarter than us. It's the body's to brain ratio and the number of neurons. For example, Albert Einstein's brain was smaller and lighter than normal. Studies show that teachers, regardless of their own gender, actually favor boys more than girls.

Winning Position: Single Gender Schools

About Me

"A former foetus"

Biographical Information
Name: Jessica Chang
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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