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1 point

I don't think they could win a championship this year, but they could get a 6th or 7th spot in the playoffs.

1 point

You do have a point. I am still for the Bulls though. Rodman has been called the best defender ever.

1 point

Yes it is probably the most entertaining sport. I tend not to like sports where there is not much score like soccer or where the play is slow like american football. Basketball is nice and fast-paced and there is high scoring.

1 point

knock knock

who's there


iguana who

iguana go away if you don't open the door

1 point

Water is just a bunch of particles. It is how they are arranged which makes it liquid. Ice is the same as water, just arranged differently. I wouldn't call ice wet personally.

0 points

Dennis Rodman could maybe shut down Steph Curry of Klay Thompson, and Scottie Pippen is one of the few players with the size and agility to slow down Kevin Durant. Michael Jordan is an offensive powerhouse, so he could score enough to give them a win.

2 points

If they are getting injured and getting concussions while their body is still growing, that could affect them later on in their life. If they get a serious injury, they could be in a wheelchair for life or something like that.

1 point

I think the Warriors are better because even if one of their shooters is cold, they have 2 more to go to. They are a team stacked with superstars currently so if one of them is out, there are plenty of others.

1 point

I know I posted against evolving from animals, but look at our anatomy. We are very close to apes and other monkey-like things. If we did not evolve from them, is it just chance that we look so alike?

1 point

If we are the only ones to invent smartphones, why are we so advanced when other animals like monkeys are not? It is confusing to me that we are the only species to invent electronics and other tools. Even our closest animal relatives don't build houses as sturdy or as solid as we do. They might use leaves or other plants. But it is definitely not like bricks. Birds are the next advanced that I can think of.

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Winning Position: When should kids be given smartphones?
Tied Positions: No they shouldn't. vs. Yes they should.

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