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RSS Aaleeyah

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The articles of confederation spread the powers too much and their are too many different things the states are doing differently to make a successful well oiled government. The constitution can do this because it will create a more uniform government.

1 point

Constitution we would be better for the government as a whole because it would lead to more structure across the board. With the states having different currencies and when people travel to different states it could create havoc on the economy so with the constitution and one currency it would be general across all the states.

1 point

I think it would be unwise to remove our troops because we would be leaving Japan and South Korea vulnerable and an easy target when we made an agreement to protect them thus showing the US is unloyal to agreements which may make Kim jung un think we are untrustworthy and can never come to a consensus to anything.

2 points

Aaleeyah 3

option 3 seems like the best option because it possibly eliminate a world war due to unwillingness to communicate between the two countries. Putting a halt to the nuclear program in Korea by the US agreeing not to undermine the government would add trust between the countries. Also take into consideration that just because Kim Jong Un makes a lot of threats doesn't necessarily mean he's crazy, so some communication could lead to a good ending.

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