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RSS AaylaRaven

Reward Points:22
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1 point

I don't even think there should be a name for it... there shouldn't be a name for a natural state of being like that, it just seems silly to me. (like corn-on-the-cob is stupid because.. It grows ON the cob! lol..)

Nobody is born believing in a religion... they are taught (brainwashed..) by family, church, etc...

Besides, theists deny many many gods, I only deny one more than them.

1 point

Do you have a link to a screaming baby abortion? I wasn't aware they could do that in such an early gestational period.

1 point

Exactly!! It's far safer and more humane for the mother to have access to a professional medical facility in which to be educated and make her decision.

AaylaRaven(22) Clarified
1 point

How has science done that? Any citation? Any proof of that claim?

2 points

If a person still has rights over their body after death, women should definitely have rights over their bodies in life.

I don't think abortion is a good thing, I am a far bigger supporter of birth control and safe sex, but I would never EVER vote to take away a womans right over her own body.

1 point

In denial of what? Denial of God? Which one exactly? I only deny one more God than most theists ;)

1 point

Egypt must have not gotten the memo. If the most well recorded ancient civilization we know of makes NO mention of a flood, I highly doubt it was a global phenomenon, or even that big of a deal since Noah was supposedly very close to Egypt when the alleged flood took place.

1 point

If every single species of land animal on Earth spread out from the landing site of the Ark, today’s living varieties of animals, & their fossilized ancestors would reveal a pattern of dispersal from a single site... which they do not.

Animal and human life on Earth shows far too much genetic diversity to originate from only a single pair of ancestors just a few thousand years ago.

There isn't even enough water on Earth to cover every mountain peak as stated in the fable.

Where the hell is the Ark? The righteous family just walked off of it and.. didn't remember where it was? Didn't bother to mark the spot of the boat that saved all of humanity?

IT DIDN'T WORK. What was the point of sterilizing the world of wickedness.. when there is still wickedness? There is still cruelty and war all over the Earth.

Besides, why would an "all-loving God" murder every single being on the planet (besides Noah's family) when it contradicts his divine love? Don't forget... that would mean.. infants were killed, pregnant women, puppies, small children, kittens, the disabled, seniors, devout followers.... it's ridiculous.

1 point

He seems a lot more progressive than his predecessors. He also doesn't flaunt all the gold and money like the others. I see him as more down to earth.

1 point

We have photos of the earth, and even before that - we could observe the curvature of the earth during eclipses. Even ancient people could figure that out ;)

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