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RSS Abeston

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1 point

I think we should not kill the Nazis because it is easy to say kill them and done be with it but that is not the right punishment or rather killing them will prove nothing, the Nazis and the neo Nazis may say they are superior but that does not make them correct. And in the book Ordinary Men by Browning they show non radical German police left in Poland who went from normal police officers to monsters shooting naked pregnant women in the back of their head. The point is we all have aptitude for malevolence inside us and this would just be showing that we are monsters as them rather than intelligent people who keep their demons at bay.

"Hate breeds hate"

"The circle of hatred must be stopped"


1 point

Just calling books as trash and stopping there shows that you know nothing about the beauty of books, sadly it's hard for me to clarify it to you but rather than imagining the situation and relying on visual stimuli that always get their ideas or the message which was written in the book wrong. So please refrain from talking if you have no argument

1 point

Books always has been the way to go. Movies have their own stance but they will never topple books, yes books may seem boring and never ending, but , books let your imagination run wild and it's hard for a book lover to make a person who is an orthodox movie lover understand this but when you see movies your brain only uses itself to store visual and sensory stimuli and maybe the idea behind the movie. But for books your brain is on wildfire. It has to imagine each single page in your mind and make sense of every word and the best part you make the hero's face rather than some guy you feel is terrible for the role.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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