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1 point

This question is hard to answer for both sides in a war have different views on why they fight. But both sides ( if morally right) will not accept the loss of human life and therefore they must rather prefer a peaceful solution rather than bloodshed.

1 point

No without other races we would never advance orevolve into what we are right now

4 points

No it is not right because the losers must be reminded that losing comes with a price in the real world

1 point

It isn't fair because it is really just favoritism for who can convince the electors.

2 points

Now thanks to marvel there will always be something to look forward to and the younger generation will always hold them as men to be like

1 point

That does not mean we shouldn't keep a military force or a response team to those who break the law. In fact those who break it should be completely wiped out. Making sure they see the wrong in their opposition.

1 point

Also if you wanted to really have world peace or even a petty political argument between countries, why couldn't the majority of the world come up witha gigantic judicial branch. There we could say what we want or even prevent combat between nations.

1 point

It is not right at all because it concerns loss of human life and therefore is not morally right.

1 point

We definitely to search for a different form of intelligent life beings that know more about the oceans than humans do. Or we need to know that we are the biggest force out there in the world. Otherwise we will have to resort to an interspieces war.

1 point

First of all this question seems to favor each side.

But if our soldiers did not have an initiative we would never win any battles. Because it is well known that all plans go wrong in a battle. Every time we win is because a soldier or soldiers decide to do something about the battle they're in.

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