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RSS AfiqAnwar

Reward Points:10
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You have no proof that Chuck Norris can do that. May Chuck Norris push you to a deep trench. That is possible.

0 points

I'm sure he'll have fun. Sod can put Chuck in Jail, trip him or put him in a Black Hole.

1 point

You cannot beat up imaginary people. They are based on the concept of thought. They don't exist in real life as matter.

1 point

God can make Chuck Norris Suffer in Hell, remove his intestines, tear off his beard, and make him wimpy, in any way God wants to.

4 points

Science is not everything. It's a good thing that only 1/5 of the world population are atheists. People who do not have faith are neglecting a huge prospect in their life. Among them are love and knowledge.

6 points

So, you are telling me that the universe was made by a bunch of gases which went boom. Then after a long process it became the Earth.

Just a little question about your theory. Who made these tiny gases? Who made life? It would take more than just a coincidental arrangement of atoms and molecules to form a single living cell. Science does not explain life AT ALL. What happens in the afterlife? Or, what is outside of the universe? is it just empty space? How far does it lead us?

1 point

Here is an easy game. You name me one Muslim terrorist, and I name you one Muslim who is very peace-loving. While your list stretches to the thousands at most, I can guarantee you my list can stretch to hundreds of millions.

Not all of us are extremists. Some of us suffer from this war. While the people outside of the third world do not comprehend this, it is easy for a fourteen year old. And to all those Christians out there who think we hate Noah, Jacob, Isaac, Solomon, Joseph, David, Moses, Abraham and Jesus,

Think again.

1 point

You are both supporting and opposing your own team's point. Which side are you on???

1 point

You can easily delete them. You have the righst to do so if you fell the slightest sense of discomfort. Practice some cyber wellness and you would be completely safe.

1 point

When others think that your friends may have bad intentions, we can easily delete them away, again with the click of the mouse. Just as long as you can practice some cyber wellness, you are practically protected by the computer screen, so the stranger would have no physical contact with you.

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About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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